Planning a Harry Potter birthday party, baby or bridal shower, or wedding? Use these marvelous Harry Potter party ideas to put a spell over your guests!




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Learn how to plan a fun Harry Potter party theme with ideas for supplies, decorations, food, and games that will leave guests in awe.

Harry Potter Invitations

We’ve got a step-by-step tutorial on how to create bona fide Hogwarts acceptance letter birthday invitations, ncluding an invitation template printable, as well as other Harry Potter invitation themes like quidditch, owls, and howlers.

Birthday Outfit

Here’s wizard-worthy attire for the guest of honor.

Wizard Robes

Try this easy DIY project made from a black t-shirt. (via My Mommy Style)

House Color Scarves

And these colorful no-sew scarves that you can also pass out to the rest of the guests. (via Michelle’s Party Plan It)

Wizard Wand

Of course, every wizard is going to need a tool to bring out their magic. This tutorial for chopsticks covered in hot glue gun designs certainly will have you bringing out your creative wizardry. (via Boxy Colonial)

Birthday Shirts

Or if you want to stick to Muggle attire, here are some graphic tees to consider:
2 boy, 2 girl

This comes in black, charcoal, red, navy, and heather gray.
harry potter wizard in training shirt
A glow in the dark tee.
i solemnly swear that i am up to no good glow in the dark tee
A quidditch uniform shirt.
gryffindor quidditch t shirt
A shiny holographic tee
hogwarts holographic tee

Harry Potter Party Decorations

There are too many creative ideas, so we created a Harry Potter party supplies and decorations post for tons of inspiration, including:

  • Backdrop ideas for locations like Platform 9 ¾, Owl Post, Diagon Alley, and Dark Forest
  • Food table ideas for Honeydukes, Florean Fortescue’s ice cream parlour
  • Floating envelopes, keys, and recreating other wizarding antics
  • Lots of free printables and more

Harry Potter Party Printables

We have lots of Harry Potter party printables that you can use as party signs and decor around your house, like a birthday banner, table decorations, home decor, and more.

Harry Potter Food

We have 50+ Harry Potter recipes from the book and Muggle creations inspired from the wizarding world such as:

  • Classic butterbeer (in 8 ways!)
  • Pumpkin pasties and treacle tarts
  • Honeyduke and Fred and George Weasley creations
  • Polyjuice, Amortentia love potion, gillywater
  • And many other Harry Potter food ideas


We also have a whole post dedicated to Harry Potter cake ideas, with decorations, recipes and assembly instructions, including:

  • Hagrid’s birthday cake to Harry
  • Beautifully checkered layer cake representing the 4 Hogwarts Houses
  • 4-tier tribute to the Sorting Hat, Great Hall, and Platform 9 3/4
  • Golden snitch cake pops
  • Handmade, toy, and printable cake toppers
  • Cake pans, supplies, and more


And we couldn’t help putting together a post of great Harry Potter cupcake ideas with designs, recipes and assembly instructions, featuring:

  • Sorting hat with surprise house color interior
  • Dedicated to magical creatures like owls and unicorns
  • Mandrakes
  • Affordable cupcake toppers, liners, and stands


And to round off our Harry Potter party food, we have a Harry Potter cookies post filled with lots of pretty cookie cutter designs, like:

  • Unicorns
  • 3D cauldron with magical swirls
  • Molly Weasley’s Christmas sweaters
  • And more

Harry Potter Party Games and Activities

There are tons of ways to get in the fun.

Minute to Win It

Worthy of the Triwizard Tournament, with games such as:

  • Gathering pixies
  • Confusing potion concoctions
  • Predict the patronus
  • Wingardium leviosa charms class
  • Quidditch

Comes with printable scoring cards too. (via Holly’s Home)

Hogwarts Classes

Or fit to the theme of the classes the Hogwards wizards attend, with activities like:

  • Charms class balloon levitation
  • Divination cootie catcher predictions
  • Herbology succulent transplant
  • Potions slime making

(via The Surburban Mom)

Horcrux Hunt

Here’s a detailed scavenger hunt to destroy the Horcruxes. (via Sophie World)

More Indoor and Outdoor Activities

We have a whole post dedicated to Harry Potter party games will enjoy, like:

  • Indoor games such as Would You Rather and Guess Who
  • Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Muggle Studies
  • And more

Harry Potter Party Favors & Bags

If you want to DIY Harry Potter goodies for your party favors, we’ve got lots of unique ideas:

  • Floating dementor
  • Stuffed pet owl with skeleton key
  • Time Turner necklace
  • And more

Store-bought Favors

Or for the convenient route, try these ready-made options:

Thank You Cards

Can’t forget the thank you cards! Give out a copy of the Daily Prophet with photos recapping your wand-erful event. (via The Party Wall)

Gift Ideas

You’re going to need a special gift for the lucky birthday boy or girl. Here are some ideas that fit the theme you’re going for.

These Harry Potter party ideas & themes for decorations, food, and games are sure to make a Harry Potter party that guests will remember, always.