We’ve got easy and creative DIY Harry Potter party decoration ideas to go along with the rest of your fun Harry Potter party ideas. And find out where to buy Harry Potter party supplies that are convenient and won’t break your budget.




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Learn how to make astounding Harry Potter party decorations with instructional tutorials, free printables, and inspirational photos, and cheap Harry Potter party supplies to keep your party on a budget.

Party Invitation

The magic begins with the invitations. These enchanting Harry Potter invitation ideas include a Hogwarts acceptance letter template, owl letter carrier, and howlers.

Location Settings

Different scenes from the movies are a great way to greet and entertain guests.

Platform 9 ¾

First up is the Hogwarts Express. Follow this easy curtain tutorial to drape over the entrance to your party. (via A Well-Feathered Nest)

Flourish and Blotts

Next up, your wizard guests will need to get their school supplies for Hogwarts. The Book of Spells will be a very important reference guide they’ll want to have. You can make your own with the following free printables:

List of spells
Spell incantations with proper pronunciation marks to make sure you’re calling up the right kind of magic. (via Inspiration Laboratories)
Wand movements
How to direct your wand to conjure up the right wizardry. (via The Scrap Shoppe Blog)
Divination readings
A pictoral reference chart for how to make predictions based on signs you are seeing in tea leaves, crystal balls, and such. (via Pin Image)
A reference to each person’s spirit animal. (via Holly’s Home)
Harry Potter Printable Activities
Puzzles and word activities to keep guests preoccupied as other festivities are underway, such as waiting for their turn with certain games or in anticipation for the Great Hall feast. (via Activity Village)


Next up is a trip to the wand shop, where they can pick up their personal wands wrapped in parcel paper and string. There’s even a link to a free printable receipt for more authenticity. (via Wild and Grizzly)

Owl Post

Afterwards, they can head to the Owl Post to catch up on wizard world news with the Daily Prophet. You could also set up a station for guests to write birthday wishes to the guest of honor. (via Creative Designs by Toni)

It would also be the perfect opportunity to set up a photo booth. Find a free Where is this Wizard cutout that you can use as a photo booth prop. (via Paper Trail Designs)

Sorting Hat

Then as they make their way to the grounds of Hogwarts, wizards will need to be sorted in their respective Hogwarts Houses. Create this wonderous Sorting Hat for the Sorting Ceremony. (via Practically Functional)

To keep track of which House guests are sorted into, make these cute ties that they can wear.
(via One Sweet Appetite)

Table Decorations

Now that they have their wizarding supplies and House sorted, they are ready for the real party to begin.

The Great Hall

For the feast of delicious Harry Potter recipes, create this grand setting of floating candles, house crest and house seal banners, colored tablecloths, and goblet drinking glasses. (via Chic and Jo)

Or something like this, which includes floating candles, black tablecloth with colored table runners and decorative plateware by Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw Hogwarts Houses. (via The Party Wall)
If you’re in need of a few DIY tutorials to help you recreate the scenes above, we’ve got:

Birthday Banner
For a free birthday banner printable, head to this post. (via The Suburban Mom)

House Crest
Or check out our Harry Potter printables post for the Hogwarts crest.
Floating Candles Tutorial
Follow these simple instructions to make the floating candles. (via When’s My Vacation)


You can also recreate different shops and eateries instead of or in addition to the Great Hall for your food set up. Here we have the Honeydukes sweets shoppe. (via Moms and Munchkins)

Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour

Or an ice cream bar. (via My Frugal Adventures)

Other ideas include the Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron.

Food Tags and Labels

If you’re looking for food signs, here are red and yellow striped ones, which include:

  • Cauldron cakes
  • Dragon eggs
  • Acid pops
  • Blank cards
  • And more

(via Stacks and Flats)

Other Food Printables

Or check out this site with lots of free printable goodies in the various Hogwarts House color schemes:

  • Cupcake wrappers and toppers
  • Party favor and gift tags
  • Award ribbons
  • Paper bows

(via Lovely Planner)

Popcorn Box

If you want to serve popcorn at your party, you can also use this free printable template. (via Ruffles and Rain Boots)

Party Backdrops

Wall of Portraits

Create this wall of portraits of distinguished Hogwarts alumni, perhaps by a staircase. (via Michelle’s Party Plan It)

Mirror of Erised

Or may stumble upon the Mirror of Erised (via Delicious Reads)

Flying Keys

Create this wall of flying keys from bubble wands. (via Tikkido)

Flying Envelopes

If you have fireplace, you could also try these flying letters. (via Crafster Chic)

Other Party Decor Ideas

Book Covers

Find covers for 10+ Hogwarts textbooks and reading materials that you can set on bookshelves or tables. (via Paper Trail Design)

Free Dobby

Or collect socks to free our favorite House elf. (via Pin Image)


This easy-to-make, kid-friendly version would be appropriate for Halloween. (via Over the Big Moon)

Bathroom Decor

There’s also this humorous directional decal to the Ministry of Magic.

See on Amazonharry potter party decoration home decor ministry of magic this way toilet decal sticker

Potion Bottle Printables

And you’ll probably incorporate some Hogwarts class activities as part of your Harry Potter party games, in which these free printables would come in handy for Potions class. (via Natural Beach Living)

Party Favors

Last but not least, close out the festivities with these themed Harry Potter goodies to pass out as favors and party bags.

If you’re looking for Harry Potter party decorations on a budget, these easy and creative DIY Harry Potter party decoration ideas and cheap done-for-you Harry Potter party supplies are sure to help you plan a stress-free party.