A list of creative DIY Harry Potter party favors that will continue to enchant your guests after your Harry Potter themed party is over. Here are some easy and creative Harry Potter party favor and goodie bag ideas. And find out where to buy some great Harry Potter goodies to put in Harry Potter bags as well.




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Learn how to DIY these easy Harry Potter party favors with instructional tutorials, free printables, inspirational photos, and budget-friendly Harry Potter goodies for girls and boys to keep your fun going even after guests depart.

Pencil Wands

Add some practical magic to wands by creating them out of pencils. Would go great with stickers and stationery too. (via Sisters, What)

Floating Dementor

Yeah, I know dementors are not cuddly, but doesn’t this one look so adorable? (via More than Thursdays)

Stuffed Owl with Key

These plushy owls make great pets for your little wizards. Have your guests personalize their skeleton keys with colored ribbon and other crafting supplies. (via Buggy and Buddy)

Time Turner Necklace

This could be a Harry Potter game idea turned favor at a girly Harry Potter party. (via 30 Minute Crafts)


Turn this into an Herbology class handling mandrakes for a party activity. Or perfect for a Harry Potter wedding. (via The Sparkly Life)

Bath Bombs

Choose from a variety of these spa treats including the various Hogwarts House colors, dementors, sorting hat with butterbeer scent, bubbling cauldron house reveal, and golden snitch. (via Steam Powered Family)

Essential Oil

This sophisticated favor is one that would be fit for a baby shower. (via Making Lemonade Blog)


These decorative Harry Potter cookies would be a simple treat for guests to take home.

Nimbus 3000 Popcorn

Popcorn is easy to put together and make festive in this paper bag broomstick favor bag with pretzel rod broom handle. (via Super Exhausted)

Harry Potter Inspired Recipes

Or check out our round up of Harry Potter food for other creative ideas to wrap up for guests. The chocolate frogs and peppermint toad recipes also include free printables.

Party Favor Trolley

If you’re having a hard time just sticking to one treat, go all out with a trolley set up that will make for great Harry Potter party decor, which includes:

  • Chocolate golden snitches
  • Gold galleons form Gringott’s Bank
  • Felix Felcis (liquid luck) potion
  • And more

Hunger Potion

Another fun idea is to have jars of various treats set out with silly titles for kids to create their own “Hunger Potion” snack mix. Be creative like:

  • Dried beetles (raisins)
  • Blind cat eyes (M&Ms)
  • Toad livers (mini pretzels)

(via One Creative Mommy)

Valentine’s Day Favors

Here are a few cute treat ideas to pass out on Valentine’s day. Each post below includes a free Harry Potter printable goody bag topper.

Dementor’s Kiss Away

Hershey kisses are just the right amount of sweetness to keep Dementors at bay. (via Pieces by Polly)

You’re a Catch

Wrap lollipops in gold foil like a golden snitch in this free printable. (via Feelin Crafty)

Love Potion

Create a heart-shaped tea bag as the Amortentia love potion. (via Lovely Planner)

Favor Bags, Boxes, and Packaging Ideas

In this section, we have some very easy ideas for how to wrap your gifts for guests.

Pillow Box

First up is this free printable box. Perfect for treats like Dumbledore’s favorite lemon drops or Bertie Bott’s every flavor jellybeans. (via Crafting Cheerfully)

Free Gift Bag Printable

There’s also this Harry Potter head with scarf design that can be used as a Harry Potter Christmas themed gift or for any other type of party. It’s filled with treats like Cockroach Clusters, Jelly Slugs, and a wand. (via The Dating Divas)

House Colors

Be sure to have the colors of your favorite house to stuff as tissue paper. (via Party Wowzy)

Student Ties

Or use this simple design with the ties of Hogwarts students on a paper bag. You can find an easy print-out version on our Harry Potter printables post. (via Team Whitaker)

If you’re looking for Harry Potter favor ideas, these easy and creative DIY Harry Potter goodies and cheap done-for-you Harry Potter goodie bag ideas are sure to help you plan a wonderful wizarding party.