Looking for some easy, creative Harry Potter party games for your wand-erful Harry Potter party? These fun Harry Potter party activities and crafts will keep your guests entertained. Many of these ideas include free Harry Potter printables. Try these ideas out at your next party!




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Want a party packed with fun? These easy Harry Potter party games with instructional DIY set-up, inspirational photos, free printables, and inspirational photos include indoor and outdoor Harry Potter party crafts and activities for boys and girls that are sure to bewitch with your party guests, no matter they be kids, teens, or adults!

Sorting Hat Ceremony

Of course, the perfect way to kick off the party is to sort guests into their respective Hogwarts Houses of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff.

You can easily DIY a Sorting Hat with construction paper and a witch’s hat. (via Sweet Shots Muscatine)

Or, check out or Harry Potter cupcakes post for a fun, tasty way to sort your guests into their Hogwarts House.

Party Games for Young Kids

Here are some simple Harry Potter party activities that little ones can enjoy.

Pin the Scar on Harry

Like pin the tail on the donkey, Harry Potter style. Get a free printable for this activity. (via Luftmensch Designs)

Dobby Sock Toss

Another easy indoor activity suitable for little kids is this sock toss game. (via Party Wowzy)

Mirror Craft

Have wooden frames that little wizard guests can decorate with pom poms, feather, oogly eyes, glitter, beads and more. You’d be surprised how creative they can get, with Hedwig-, Luna-Lovegood-, or golden-snitch-inspired designs. Makes for a nice Harry Potter party favor for them to take home afterwards. (via Making Lemonade Blog)

Minute to Win It Games

Host a Hogwarts house competition through these Minute to Win It Games. These are actual games from the show that were adapted to fit the wizarding world. Some of which include:

  • Erumpent Horn
  • Unicorn Tail
  • Wingardium Leviosa
  • Mirror of Erised
  • And other quick games

You can download a free printable with the game names and instructions. (via Jonesing 2 Create)

Party Activities by Class

If you’re nerdy like Hermione, why not have games that fit the theme of the various courses of study that the Hogwarts wizards underwent at the castle? Here are some unique ideas.


Have recipe cards and ingredients ready to have your little wizards create their own potions from slime. (via Little Bins for Little Hands)


Do one or all three of these activities:

  • Tea leaf reading to see into future
  • Crystal ball reading asking question to a Magic 8 ball
  • Pop culture predictions by getting a fortune from inside a balloon

(via Home Confetti)


A really simple, low mess activity in which you shape a mandrake from model magic clay. It’s surprisingly fun and easy! (via Pop Goes the Page)

Muggle Studies

This one is an ode to the Muggles. Stick various objects into boxes that wizards have to guess by the feel of their hands. (via Book Eventz)

Care of Magical Creatures

Wizards can make their very own dragon eggs to care for until they hatch. The intricate designs are actually easy to make…from a hot glue gun! (via Becca Beach)

Or for younger kids in which you might not want to use a hot glue gun, they can create this owl craft. (via Childhood 101)

Defense Against the Dark Arts

Have your guests swing at this super easy dementor pinata. Such a brilliant and budget friendly DIY Harry Potter party decoration, made from old t-shirts, grocery bags, and a pool noodle. (via Jonesing 2 Create)

Scavenger Hunt

This well thought-out scavenger hunt comes complete with 12 typeset clue cards you can print out for free. (via More than Thursdaays)

Outdoor Quidditch

Of course, you’ll want to try this favored sport of the wizarding world. (via The Scrap Shoppe Blog)

Table Quidditch

If weather becomes a problem, you can still take the sporting game of Quidditch indoors with this tabletop version. (via Farme to Fete)

Would You Rather

Here’s a free printable game that asks you to choose between two Harry Potter things, such as:

  • fly on a broom or travel by floo powder
  • wear a Weasley Christmas sweater or crazy glasses like Luna Lovegood for a month
  • have an unlimited supply of Butterbeer or Chocolate Frogs

(via Get Awa Today)

Guess Who

Another free printable of characters from the movie and the covers of the Harry Potter books to play an awesomely themed Harry Potter Guess Who. (via Karen Kavett)

Bring on the fun with these Harry Potter party game ideas for indoor and outdoor entertainment. This mix of sit down and physical Harry Potter party activities and crafts will get your guests enchanted to celebrate.