Printable Christmas games are an easy way to incorporate fun at your next holiday party! Find all kinds of Christmas game printables (many free!) fit for all ages, from kids to teens to adults.




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These Christmas party game sheet printables come in pdf files that are easy to download and print. Use as fun at a family gathering, office party game, or classroom activity.

Want to snag over 10 games in one go? Download our most popular Christmas game printables bundle, on sale now! You get:

  • 30 Christmas bingo cards
  • Christmas left right gift exchange game (5 variations)
  • Christmas trivia (7 versions, 140 unique questions)
  • 150+ Christmas charades and pictionary cards
  • Christmas jeopardy (creative, for kids, and around the world editions)
  • Merry Christmas in different languages matching game
  • Christmas younger or older guessing game
  • Christmas lights scavenger hunt
  • Christmas finish the phrase
  • Everything Christmas A to Z

Christmas Left Right Game

A super fun holiday gift exchange game that prompts guests sitting in a circle to pass gifts left or right until the end of the story or poem to decide what gift they’ll be taking home with them. We came up with 5 unique variations, including:

  • Twas the Night Before Christmas poem
  • Frosty the Snowman song
  • A Nativity story
  • Funny Right Family left right across game
  • Dice exchange game

Go to our Christmas right left game post to grab two versions for free.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Make a friendly competition with this scavenger hunt printable of 30 items to keep an eye out for when enjoying the view of Christmas lights.

You can find this as part of our huge Christmas party games bundle.

Christmas Bingo

A game that’s fun for all ages. You can grab 16 cards for free from our Christmas bingo game post, or find a pack of 30+ Christmas bingo cards for large groups in our online store.

Christmas Carol Game

We created a fun opposite title game, in which you need to decipher the name of the popular holiday song from hilarious titles made up of antonyms.

You can find this as a part of our printable Christmas games bundle.

Christmas Trivia

Test your holiday knowledge with 7 different Christmas trivia game cards, each with 20 questions. Choose from:

  • General trivia
  • Christmas movie trivia
  • Multiple choice Christmas trivia
  • Easy Christmas trivia for kids
  • And more!

Find free Christmas trivia game sheets, or grab all 7 in our printable Christmas trivia games pack.

Everything Christmas A to Z

This simple Christmas party game sheet prompts guests to come up with a holiday-related term for each letter of the alphabet. Fun variations to this game include:

  • Race to complete the sheet the fastest
  • Come up with the most unique answers

Download this as a part of our huge Christmas games bundle pack.

Christmas Matching Game

This fun yet educational game was featured in our Christmas around the world post. One column has “Merry Christmas” in different languages, and the second column with the list of languages for guests to match up.

You may find this game as part of our Christmas printable games pack.

Christmas Charades or Pictionary

We created a word bank of over 150 holiday-related terms for endless acting or drawing fun. Download a free sampler from our Christmas charades and Christmas Pictionary posts.

Finish the Phrase

For this game, one person (eg. host) will be the answer key. The object of the game would be to read the mind of this person and see if you can guess what word or phrase they’ll put after the words listed.

This simple yet entertaining game can be found in our Christmas party games bundle.

Christmas Younger or Older Guessing Game

In this interesting yet quick game, guests will need to pick which of the two items being compared came earlier or is older.

Another fun game in our Christmas party game printables bundle.

Christmas Jeopardy

You’ll find three free Christmas Jeopardy game boards on our post:

  • general Christmas jeopardy
  • easy Christmas jeopardy for kids
  • Christmas around the world jeopardy

Minute to Win It Christmas Games

This holiday version of the popular party game ideas includes 24 different games on cute tags that you can hang on a miniature Christmas tree, including:

  • Barrel of candy canes: create the longest candy cake chain
  • Wreath relay: transfer a wreath at least 5 times between partners without using your hands before getting to the finish line
  • Reindeer nose dive: move red pom poms from one container to another via Vaseline on the nose

(via The Dating Divas)

Christmas Scattergories

Grab 6 different category lists. Pick a letter and try to come up with holiday-related terms from the list that start with the chosen letter. (via DIY Adulation)

Christmas Movie Game

Interpret the emojis to figure out the titles of popular Christmas movies. (via Play Party Plan)

Christmas Mad Lib

Fill in the blanks with words that come to mind. Then, read your story with the words you filled in for a silly out-of-context story. (via Fave Crafts)

Christmas Word Scramble

Unscramble the mumble jumble of words to come up with the correct Christmas phrase. (via Landee See Landee Do)

Christmas Would You Rather

A choosing game where guests have to pick between two scenarios, which are often funny or hard to choose from. This version is a kid-appropriate game. (via Minds in Bloom)

Christmas Taboo

A guessing game where someone has to describe a holiday-related term to the group without using any of the words in the taboo list. (via The Holiday Zone)

Download any of these fun Christmas game printables to bring merriment to your next holiday gathering.