Christmas bingo is a fun and classic winter holiday party game or activity. Find all kinds of free Christmas bingo printables fit for all ages, from toddlers, preschool kids, young children, teens, adults, family, church, or large groups.

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unique free christmas bingo card printables

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How to Play Christmas Bingo

Head to any of the featured posts below to download the set of free printable Christmas bingo cards you are interested in using.

Print file at home or at your local print store. If you plan to use the cards over and over, consider using sturdier cardstock or possibly laminating the cards.

Some sets come with a separate calling card in which you will cut out the pieces for the designated caller to draw from a bag or box to indicate what item can be marked off. If such a card is not available, print an extra copy of one of the cards and cut out the icons from it.

Note that there are versions of bingo do not require any calling at all, such as Christmas movie or scavenger hunt bingo, in which case you do not need an extra calling card to cut out.

Participants should get a card and enough bingo markers (see below for fun ideas!) to fill their cards. Some cards will have a free space in the middle square, in which you can automatically place a marker. Otherwise, wait for the game to start to keep track of what spaces on your card can be marked off.

If playing in the traditional style with a caller who will draw the icons, have that person pick items one by one for participants to mark off on their cards.

The goal for players is to fill an entire row vertically, horizontally or diagonally to get bingo. When they do, they will shout “Bingo!” to end the game. To make this more holiday-themed, you can shout a phrase like “Merry” or “Jolly” instead of “Bingo”

Keep in mind that a round of Bingo typically takes 10-20 minutes to complete.

Christmas Bingo Marker Ideas

Participants will need to keep track of what’s been called on their cards. Here are some festive items you can use:

Christmas Bingo Prize Ideas

Here are some festive prizes to offer to winners of bingo:

Free Christmas Bingo Printable Cards


We created a set of 16 free bingo cards that you can use for larger group settings. A general winter theme using cute, non-denominational icons makes them suitable for a classroom setting. Sign up for our mailing list by clicking the button below to grab the free Christmas bingo cards.

For personal use only. Watermark will not appear on the downloadable version. Do not share or link to direct file; please spread the word by sharing this blog post. Thank you!

If you need more cards, we also offer 30 bingo cards, with a calling card that can also be used as a unique bingo card, and a sheet of blank cards with no icons except for the free space. You can also find those in our Pen + Paper Made shop.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

For smaller children who might not have developed the appropriate attention span for a full 5 x 5 card, try this simple 3 x 3 version, which includes 12 different cards. (via Design Eat Repeat)

For Young Children

This set of 8 different cards works for younger kids, since there are multiples of the same item on the bingo cards for a faster game. (via Pretty Providence)

Elementary School

This set includes 6 different game cards are great for elementary school children.
(via One Creative Mommy)

Mixed Age Group of Children

This set of 8 works well with a range of kids, since there are pictorial decorations for younger ones to use for visual recognition as well as the words for those who are learning to read to practice their reading skills. (via Playdates to Parties)

Here’s another set of 8 with Santa, stockings, penguins, snowflakes, and other holiday decorations. (via Fun Squared)

For Large School Groups

These non-denominational winter-themed bingo cards come in a set of 15, which works better for larger groups, like an entire classroom. (via The Resourceful Mama)

Vibrant and Colorful

Those who enjoy very vivid colors and graphics will enjoy these hand-drawn bingo cards, which come in a set of 6. (via Kate Hadfield Designs)

For ESL and Printer-Friendly

Those who are learning English as a second language will appreciate a set like this, with black and white graphics and words that describe the decorations used. It’s also ideal for your printer in case you don’t have color ink. This one comes in a set of 12. (via Paper Trail Design)

For Family Gatherings

This set of 10 works well for intimate Christmas parties, like ones for smaller extended families. The graphics will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. (via Grace and Good Eats)

Christmas Movie Bingo

The version includes elements of a story plot, which you can cross off as they appear in the movie. This one comes in a set of 10. A fun one for kids, teens, and adults. (via Crazy Little Projects)

Scavenger Hunt

This variation of Christmas bingo takes you out of the house and into the neighborhood. Use this bingo card to look for features fo Christmas light displays to mark off on your bingo sheet. A fun bingo game for families with teens and adults to play. (via My Frugal Home)

Nativity Theme

For those who are religious, which is also perfect for church parties, is this version. This comes in a set of 6. (via One Creative Mommy)

Gift Exchange

Not in the mood for a Christmas left right game for a gift exchange? Use this set of bingo cards, like the traditional bingo with numbers, instead. Collect gifts for the exchange, and as participants get bingo, they can go up and grab their gift. Keep playing until everyone gets bingo and a gift. (via My Pinterventures)

Christmas bingo is a lot of fun for all ages, from toddlers and young children, to teens and adults. Find a version that works for family gatherings, holiday parties with friends, and even work parties with coworkers. These free Christmas bingo printables make such an easy party game during the holidays!