Christmas Pictionary is a simple non-verbal drawing guessing game that requires little set up and materials but is filled with fun for everyone. Snag our free Christmas Pictionary word list printable cards, which are color-coded by themed category for convenience!

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free christmas pictionary game card printables

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Our Christmas Pictionary pdf printable game cards are easy to download and print. Use at a family gathering, office party game, or classroom activity for holiday party fun that’s perfect for all ages!

How to Play Christmas Pictionary

Print out the holiday Pictionary game cards at home or at your local print store. If you plan to use the printables over and over, consider using sturdier cardstock or possibly laminating the cards.

Remove cards that are not relevant or use blank cards to add your own traditions.

Throw the cards into a bowl or container so players cannot see the content of the cards.

You will also need a drawing surface (eg. whiteboard, chart paper, scratch paper, etc) and writing utensils (pens, colored pencils, markers, etc).

The categories of the word or phrase, which is provided on each card for your convenience, include:

  • Person/character: Popular holiday figures and movie characters
  • Christmas movie: Names of classic Christmas movies
  • Christmas carol: Popular holiday song titles or lyrics
  • Verb: Christmas-related actions
  • Thing: Holiday symbols, food, and other objects
  • Place: Christmas-related locations
  • Event/Time: Special days and periods in December

Christmas Pictionary Rules

There are different variations you can play of the game, but the basic idea is that someone will be selected to pick out a holiday-related term from the bowl and draw it for others to guess. The person can only use illustrations. No speaking, letters, or numbers are allowed.

Here are several ways to play Christmas Pictionary:

Non-Competitive Holiday Pictionary
Have one person pick a card from the bowl and draw the holiday-related term out for the entire group until someone guesses correctly. The first person to do so then becomes the next person to goes up to have a turn drawing for the group to guess.

Keep in mind that you may have some folks who don’t have a chance to go up to draw.

If you want everyone to have a turn playing mime artist, then you can use the elimination method of having those who have had a turn illustrating let those who haven’t gone up yet do the guessing until all have had a turn.

Or if the person who gets the correct answer first has already had a turn drawing, they can choose who goes up next to show off their artistic skills to the rest of the group.

Single Team Turns
For competition-style holiday pictionary, divide the group into at least 2 teams.

In this version, one team will play at a time each round. One person will draw out for their teammates to guess within a certain time frame (typically 1 minute). If their group gets the correct answer within that time limit, they get the point. If not, then the next team will have a chance to steal the point by answering what the holiday term is in one guess.

Simultaneous Team Turns
Another competitive way to play this game is to have a representative from each team go up to draw at the same time for their respective teams to guess. Whichever group is first to guess correctly gets the point.
Christmas Carol Relay Pictionary
Have a fun race against other teams with a relay version of Holiday Pictionary.

Using the set of Christmas carols pictionary cards, divide them out into the number of teams you have playing. That will be their list of carols they need to get through to win the relay race.

Start off by having one member from each team go up to choose a card, then go back to their team to illustrate for the rest of the group.

The group will need to guess the correct tune by humming or singing it until the host/moderator gives them the thumbs up that they can move on to the next person.

The new member will go up to pick their card and back to their team to draw for them, as the group guesses the song and hums it again. Continue with the relay until the team has completed their entire set of cards.

Free Christmas Pictionary Cards

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Ultimate Christmas Pictionary Word List

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