Looking for some easy, creative Paw Patrol party games for your kid’s Paw Patrol birthday? These fun Paw Patrol party activities and crafts will keep your guests entertained. Try these ideas out at your next party!




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Want a party packed with fun? These easy Paw Patrol party games with instructional DIY set-up, inspirational photos, free printables, and inspirational photos include indoor and outdoor Paw Patrol party crafts and activities for boys and girls that are sure to be a hit with your party guests!


This traditional party activity is sure to be a hit. Here are instructions for making your own one from a cardboard box in the shape of the badge logo. (via The Many Little Joys)

Photo Booth

If you plan to have a photo booth at your party, these free Paw Patrol birthday printable props include eye masks of all the Mighty Pups in their head gear. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

Party Games by Character

If you’re really into your you can play that match your kid’s favorite Mighty Pup, as explained below. (via Pin Image)

Paper Airplanes (Skye)

Have sheets of colored paper for kids to make their own paper airplane. A book like this has a lot of different designs that guests can try out.

To turn this into a game afterwards, hang rings or hula hoops as targets that kids should aim to get their planes through.

Hit the Target (Chase)

Place bullseye targets around the yard that kids will shoot at with Nerf guns, water guns, or water balloons.

Construction Dig (Rubble)

Hide dog bones or other small treats that kids can dig up with shovels.

Recycled Arts and Crafts (Rocky)

Place old crafting materials or knick knacks around the house that kids can use to make a creation.

Water Rescue (Zuma)

In a tub of colored water, place magnets or small toys that kids can fish out.

Fire Rescue (Marshall)

Create a tower with fire targets glued to toilet paper rolls that kids will aim at with bean bags to extinguish fires.

Coloring Pages

A quiet indoor activity that doesn’t require a lot of materials, room, or set up are free Paw Patrol coloring pages. Here are a bunch of free ones that you can instantly print.

Dog Bone and Badge Decorating Craft

Cut out large dog bones or logo outlines for kids to decorate with stickers, pom poms, and other crafting supplies. (via A Cupful)

Pin the Badge on Marshall

This game is like pin the tail on the donkey. Here’s a free printable for this game. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

You can also find a Skye version in our girl Paw Patrol birthday party post.

Badge Scavenger Hunt

This outdoor activity will help kids burn off some of their energy. Print out the badges from this free printable and hide them around the venue for kids to find. (via Boy Mama Teacher Mama)

Pup Pup Boogie Game

Another active party game is this dance moves activity. Find the printable here. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

And take it to the stage like this family did for their son’s birthday party. (via Jeni Ro Designs)

Dog Adoption

This adorable party favor idea allows your guests to take home a stuffed puppy doll. If you like, you can also have kids decorate pet collars from pipe cleaners too. (via The Keeper of the Cheerios)

And to make it official, why not use these free adoption certificate and pet license printables? (via Nickelodeon Parents)
Bring on the fun with these Paw Patrol party game ideas for indoor and outdoor entertainment. This mix of sit down and physical Paw Patrol party activities and crafts will get your guests pumped up to celebrate.