Planning a girl Paw Patrol birthday for your little princess? Don’t worry, these wonderful Paw Patrol party ideas for girls will come to your rescue!




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Learn how to plan a Paw Patrol party for girls with ideas & themes for decorations, food, and games to put together the perfect girly Paw Patrol birthday party. The main features are Skye and Everest, with appearances from the other Mighty Pups as your birthday girl wishes.

Paw Patrol Birthday Outfit for Girls

How about these pretty birthday shirts and outfits for your little princess?

Party Hats

Try these cute, pink construction helmets, or these Everest ears. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

Girly Paw Patrol Decoration Ideas

Birthday Banner

An affordable Happy Birthday banner in Skye and Everest designs.

Party Decor

If you’re crafty with your Silhouette or Cricut machine, try making these sophisticated outlines of your birthday girl’s favorite Paw Patrol characters in gold frames. (via By Amber’s Hands)

Food Table or Centerpiece

Here’s the party food table with Paw Patrol backdrop for girls in vibrant pink, purple, and teal color scheme. (via Pin image)

Girl Paw Patrol Food Ideas

Puppy Chow

You can’t have a dog-themed party without puppy chow! This colorful confection will be Skye high with your guests. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

  • Recipe type: Sweet chex mix
  • Time to make: 15 minutes
  • Skill level: Beginner

Puppy Bark

The cute bones on this treat are so adorable! (via Angel Navy Wife)

  • Recipe type: Chocolate fudge with condensed milk and vanilla extract
  • Time to make: 2 hours
  • Skill level: Beginner

Fetch Sticks

A healthier version to the typical Twizzler or pretzel stick chew stick food ideas would be to make these fruit kebobs as chew sticks. Of course, you can omit the cookies to keep the carb count lower. (via Pin Image)


Try this cotton candy popcorn recipe that fit perfectly with an Everest and Skye themed party. (via Bitz N Giggles)

  • Recipe type: Cotton candy popcorn
  • Time to make: >10 minutes
  • Skill level: Beginner

Girl Paw Patrol Cake

Check out these wonderfully pink Paw Patrol cake ideas.

Simple Pink and White

If you’re looking for an easy cake, look no further than this design. (via @melekstortenwelt)

Skye with Balloons

A fun, whimsical cake with 3d balloons from gumballs and a chevron design. (via @christinateixeira.bolos)

Skye Two Tier

If you want a cake with height, try this simple yet pretty two-tier cake. (via @sweetcakesbymandy )

Skye and Everest

A single tier round cake in pink, purple, and teal. The real ribbon is an easy way to incorporate the dog collar design. (via @lateliersweetcake)

Skye Candyland

A decadently sweet cake. (via @dawnsweettreats)

Mighty Pups

This one is perfectly pink that features all the dogs in the Paw Patrol gang. (via Flickr)

Paw Patrol Cupcakes

For the easy route, pink and white cupcakes with printable toppers on a stand make for a nice dessert display. (via My Baby Shower Favors)

Cute paw print and Paw Patrol logo cupcakes in pink, purple, and white.
(via @sabemosinvitar)

Paw Patrol Party Games for Girls

You can try any of these unisex Paw Patrol party games, but here are a few that are more girly girl. (via Cathy and Kiddos)

Animal Hospital Vet Visit

Have the birthday girl and her guests pretend to be veterinarians giving their pups a check-up on their vitals.

Pet Grooming

Afterwards, the gals can pamper their healthy pets with hairbrushes and pretend baths.

Pin the Badge on Skye

Or try this fun spin on pin the tail on the donkey. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

And continue to the party favors section below for more ideas of craft activities that turn into take-home gifts for your guests.

Paw Patrol Party Favors & Bags for Girls


These sugar cookies in paw prints, dog bones, and the birthday age are in pink and teal. (via Pin Image)

Skye Dough

Have the birthday girl help you whip up a batch of this easy-to-make play dough with glitter. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

Everest Lunch Bag

Or how about this craft activity that can double up as a Paw Patrol party activity and favor. Some insulated totes, iron-on transfer paper, glue, and decorative crafting supplies like felt and rhinestones are all you need. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

Skye Party Favor Topper

This simple topper leaves room to personalize with each guest’s name. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

Everest Party Bag Sticker

You can also use these sticker badges on colorful paper bags for guests to take home. (via Nickelodeon Parents)

Paw Patrol Gifts for Girls

Here are some choice selections for the special birthday girl!

These girly Paw Patrol birthday party ideas & themes for decorations, food, and games are sure to make a Paw Patrol party for girls that your child and her guests won’t soon forget.