Planning a Fortnite birthday party, baby shower, or wedding? Try these epic Fortnite party ideas for the ultimate party royale!




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Learn how to plan a Fortnite party theme with creative ideas for decorations, food, and games to put together the perfect Fortnite birthday or other celebration.

Fortnite Party Invitations

To help keep your budget low, we’ve rounded up a bunch of free printable Fortnite invitations that include templates for birthdays and blank ones for other types of celebrations.

Fortnite Birthday Shirts

Have your birthday kid stand out with these awesome Fortnite birthday outfits.

Gift Ideas

You’re going to need a special gift for the lucky birthday boy or girl. Here are some ideas that fit the theme you’re going for.

Fortnite Party Decoration Ideas

There are plenty of budget boogie-worthy DIY ideas to spruce up your Fortnite party.

Battle Bus Lanyard Sign

What better way to set the mood for your festivities than to greet guests with a personalized battle bus pass? Find a free printable here. (via Mandy’s Party Printables)

Birthday Banner

Here’s a colorful yellow and purple banner printable that you can download for free. (via Halegrafx)

Food Table and Centerpiece

This army camo inspired layout would be perfect for an outdoor party. (via @nolitabynoe)

Backdrop and Balloons

You can also do balloon towers in purple, black and blue with popular characters and items like Marshmellow and llama loot. (via @eri_decor)

Other Party Decor Ideas

There are other creative ideas out there, so we created a DIY Fortnite party decorations post for more inspiration, including:

  • Free party printables
  • Pickaxe photo booth prop
  • Favors and goodie bag ideas

Party Printables

We’ve also rounded up a bunch of different Fortnite printables, which are all for free, to spruce up decor, such as:

  • Food labels and tent cards
  • Wall art and party signs
  • Favor tags and thank you cards
  • And much more

Party Food Ideas

These Fortnite birthday party food ideas range from healthy to savory and sweet, including lots of cake and cupcake decorations too.

Bombs and Grenades

Easy snack ideas include brownie boogie bombs and cheese puff impulse grenades. (via Parenting Healthy)

Llama Loot Dessert

This Fortnite party dessert blondie recipe includes chocolate chips and frosting is vibrant in purple, blue, and white colors. (via Cutefetti)

Gamer Party Food Ideas

Some healthy Fortnite birthday party food offerings can be these joystick celery and carrot sticks. (via @delightpaperie)

Camouflage Popcorn Balls

These army camo snacks are not that difficult to make. (via Hustle Mom Repeat)

Slurp Juice

This fancy drink is made from just two ingredients. (via Simplistically Living)

Fortnite Birthday Cakes

We have a whole post dedicated to Fortnite cake ideas, with decorations, recipes and assembly instructions, including:

  • Supply drop cake with surprise candies inside
  • Treasure chest cake with dry ice
  • Crazy bear and llama loot cake pops
  • Cake toppers, pans, supplies, and more

Fortnite Cupcakes

And we couldn’t help putting together a post of great Fortnite cupcake ideas like:

  • Favorite character skins like Beef Boss and Marshmellow
  • Toppers of different drop supplies
  • V bucks
  • Affordable cupcake toppers, liners, and stands

Fortnite Party Games

Here are some fun indoor and outdoor games and activities to entertain guests at your party.

Fortnite Bases and Obstacles

For a more physical activity, you can set up a Nerf gun war. Give ammo at the beginning of the battle and throughout game with intermittent supply drops. You can also hide ammo throughout the base area. (via Happy Mom Hacks)

Llama Loot Pinata

A very befitting design for a classic pinata. This post includes a template and tutorial for creating one on your own. (via Derby Lane Dreams)

Indoor Battle Royale

If space is an issue, you can make a target board like so. (via Pin Image)

Fortnite Party Favors & Bags

Here are some ideas to consider for a Fortnite party bag.

We have a post with a bunch of fun and easy DIY Fortnite party favors that you should check out, including:

  • Boogie bombs
  • Shield potions
  • Medkits and more

Fortnite Cookies

For edible party favors, try these Fortnite v-bucks and dance move cookies and in blue, purple, and yellow. (via @customcookiesbyjill)

Medkit Rice Krispies

Add some red fruit roll-up with crosses to make this sweet treat. (via @dawnmakesandbakes)

Party Bags

A pretty easy and fun idea to hold all your guests’ party goodies would be a blue supply drop party bag with yellow helium balloon. (via At Home with Shay)

These Fortnite party ideas & themes for decorations, food, and games are sure to make a Fortnite birthday party or other celebration worth boogieing down to.