In need of fun homemade Halloween drinks for kids, teens and adults for a school, work, or family Halloween party? Don’t worry, these creative, easy to DIY non-alcoholic Halloween drinks are wickedly fun and delicious!




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Learn how to make Halloween punch recipes and drink ideas that have cute, scary, spooky, creepy, and ultimately cool decorations!

Non-Scary Halloween Drinks for Kids

These Halloween punch and drink recipes are sans any creepy crawlies, but still fun and tasty for your party.

Orange Sherbet Punch

A classic flavor and color with triple orange ingredients. (via Ruchi’s Kitchen)

Bat Brew

The purple or black color comes from grape juice and pairs nicely with lime sherbet (via Kid Friendly Things to Do)

Radioactive Halloween Punch

For a bit more vibrance, try this healthy Halloween drink with 3 types of 100% citrus and tropical fruit juices. (via Mind Over Munch)

Poison Apple Cider

Don’t worry, this recipe only has apple cider, soda, and fruit juice. (via The Tiptoe Fairy)

Halloween Drinks with Fun Decorations

These drinks contain fun added extras, which may or may not spook your guests.

Halloween Mocktails

Here are 3 different mocktail recipes to try:

  • Little Frankenstein: cherry and green apple flavors
  • Vampire blood orange: cranberry and blood orange flavors
  • Blue princess butterfly unicorn: ice cream with , pineapple and blue raspberry flavors

(via Sparkle Living Blog)

Green Monster Orange Punch

This orange punch has a cute little lime sherbet monster peeking its head out. (via Gluesticks Blog)

Black Widow Venom

This red drink is comprised of pineapple, orange, berry flavors. Just don’t eat the plastic spiders! (via Lady Behind the Curtain)

Green Witches Brew

Cute decorations in this very lime-flavored drink include witches hats, brooms, and candy eyes. (via Food Meanderings)

Halloween Drinks with Cool Effects

Here are a few recipes that will have a wow effect, some which are even interactive.

Mad Scientist Fog Potion

This foggy concoction is thanks to dry ice. Make sure to use gloves if you are handling the ice directly to keep safe. (via Our Best Bites)

Candy Corn Punch

Here’s a fun layered drink that’s reminiscent of this traditional candy classic. (via High Heels and Grills)

Multi-Layered Punch Recipe

In fact, you can DIY it with any combination of colors, as long as you pay attention to the density of your mixtures as explained in this post. (via Spend with Pennies)

Bloodshot in Syringe

This simple recipe of a deep red fruit juice in syringes in a glass of sparkling water have the added fun of releasing the syringe to squirt blood into the drink. (via Finding Zest)

Healthy Color-Changing Halloween Drink

This pink drink is keto, low carb, and vegan-friendly and also works a little magic. This recipe contains organic lemon or lime juice, lime or orange stevia and red cabbage for the color-changing effect. (via Low Carb So Simple)

Glow in the Dark Lemonade

This drink will shine under a black light because of the tonic water in the recipe. How cool is that? (via Girl Loves Glam)

Movie-Inspired Halloween Drinks

These drinks are inspired by fitting classics that are perfect Halloween-related themes.


This vibrant green drink has lemon lime soda, rainbow sherbet, and gummy worms. (via Sugar and Soul)

Harry Potter Pensieve Potion

This blue drink is one of many fantastic Harry Potter food recipes that are befitting of Halloween. (via Epbot)

Hocus Pocus Sherbet Potion

This orange and purple layered drink is made from sherbet, ice cream, and fresh fruit juice and berries. (via Taste of Home)

Mad Hatter Punch

Just add colorful contrasting colored sugar to the rims of glasses with this Hawaiian punch and pineapple juice drink. (via Mommy Musings)

Frozen Halloween Drinks

Ghost Milkshake

This very vanilla drink makes for a cute Halloween treat. (via Zurcher’s Blog)

Bat Blood Smoothie

This refreshing red smoothie has beetroot, raspberries, banana, and coconut water. (via My Fussy Eater)

Frankenstein Smoothie

This green smoothie tastes delicious with fresh fruits, spinach, orange juice, and sprinkles. (via Mommy’s Bundle)

Starbucks Witches’ Brew

This purple Starbucks copycat frappucino recipe is vegan, with bananas, acai, blueberries, orange juice, non-dairy milk and whip of choice, chia seeds, and matcha powder. (via Healthy Happy Life)

Hot or Warm Halloween Drinks

Crockpot Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate

This slow cooker recipe includes condensed milk, heavy cream, milk, white chocolate chips, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, whipped cream for a very fall-smelling drink. (via Tornadough Alli)

Vampire Hot Chocolate

This homemade hot cocoa recipe looks fang-tastic! (via Big Bear’s Wife)

Other Halloween Hot Chocolate

You can also make hot chocolate in a variety of other colors with food coloring, like these orange pumpkin, purple monster, black graveyard versions. (via Curly Crafty Mom)

Spooky Halloween Drink Ideas

These drinks may come from ordinary ingredients, but they do look a little creepy!

Zombie Gore Guzzler

This red and white drink is basically strawberry lemonade, but the strawberries do kind of look like zombie guts or brains, don’t they? (via Squirrels of a Feather)

Scary Eyeball Punch

These blueberry stuffed in lychees floating in Hawaiian fruit punch taste sweeter than their eerie look. (via Happiness is Homemade)

Shrunken Head Party Punch

This red and orange Halloween drink looks particularly scary with bobbing apple skulls. (via Sugar and Soul)

Whether you are looking for easy Halloween drinks for kids that are young or fun and scary non-alcoholic Halloween drinks fit for older kids, teens, and adults, these Halloween drink and punch recipes and ideas are sure to delight your guests at your next Halloween party.