Making a Moana birthday cake for an adventurous Moana party? There’s no telling how far you’ll go with these creatively easy Moana cake ideas!




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Learn how to make a Moana cake with recipes, decorations, designs, and instructional tutorials to make the perfect Moana cake for girls and boys who love this South Pacific Polynesian Disney princess warrrior.

Easy Moana Cake

This simple Moana birthday cake idea includes the spiral symbol found on Moana’s necklace and sail of her boat, which is called a koru. It represents new beginnings and personal growth, befitting of this coming-of-age tale. (via A Frugal Chick)

  • Recipe type: Yellow or strawberry cake mix with guava juice
  • Skill level: Easy

Moana Cake Pops

These adorable kakamora coconut pirates would be perfect as DIY with Ollie)

  • Recipe type: Brownie or cake mix with candy melts and hot cocoa mix
  • Skill level:Beginner

Casading Waterfall Cake

Great for a beginner cake artist, since you don’t need to have perfect icing technique for the water effect. (via Eze Breezy)

  • Recipe type: Box cake mix with buttercream frosting and pirouline cookies
  • Skill level: Beginner

Hibiscus Flower Cake

Hand-painted hibiscus flowers do take time to make, but will be totally worth it to the birthday guest of honor! (via Ramshackle Glam)

  • Recipe type: Funfetti cake with vanilla frosting
  • Skill level: Intermediate

Beach Sheet Cake

This sheet cake includes blue icing waves and a sandy biscuit crumble beach with Moana character figurines. (via The Annoyed Thyroid)

  • Recipe type: Buttermilk cake with strawberry jam and chocolate fingers
  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Island Sheet Cake with Edible Waves and Shell

Create this island scene from round and rectangle cake pans. (via Fun Money Mom)

  • Recipe type: Box cake mix with candy melts and wafers
  • Time to make: 5 hours
  • Skill level: Intermediate

Te Kā and Te Fiti Cake

A two-sided cake with the volcanic rock and lava setting of Te Kā on one half and the lush greenery of Te Fiti on the other. This detailed tutorial goes over how to do the decorative icing. (via The Nutless Baker)

  • Skill level: Beginner

Moana Luau Cake

This two-tier cake has a beach scene on the cake board, followed by a hula skirt bottom layer, and sand with koru swirl top layer. At the top are the fun duo Moana and Maui. (via My Cupcake Addiction Blog)

  • Recipe type: Rich chocolate mud cake with buttercream frosting, white cookies, and chocolate ganache
  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Moana Doll Cake

If you’re up for making a cake that’s not strictly round or rectangular, try this doll cake, which uses a princess cake pan base with an actual Moana doll in it. The flowers on the skirt add nice detail to the cake. (via Rosana Pansino)

  • Recipe type: Yellow cake with buttermilk and buttecream frosting
  • Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Maui Cake

This Moana cake for boys featuring demigod Maui, his tattoo design, and kakamora coconut pirates. (via Pin Image)

Moana Toddler Ocean Scene

A cute scene that includes handmade fondant fishes and reef. (via Cakes StepbyStep)

  • Recipe type: Sponge cake with buttercream frosting and smashed cookies
  • Skill level: Beginner

Three-tier Cake

Here’s an elaborate multi-tier cake. The bottom is inspired by Moana’s dress, with her and Pua standing atop that layer. Above that is an underwater scene with fishes and other sea creatures. Next up is the land of Te Fiti, with the kora swirl symbol. (via The Cake & Bake Boutique)

  • Skill level: Intermediate Advanced

Tamatoa Cake

A cake that makes a statement for a crab villain with a shiny personality. (via Ashlee Marie Cakes)

  • Recipe type: Cake with ganache and rice krispies treats
  • Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Sunset Cake

This vibrant purple, orange, and yellow cake is a nice departure from the typical greens and blues of most Moana cakes. This one (via Cake Bash Studio)

  • Recipe type: Chocolate and vanilla cake with ganache
  • Skill level: Intermediate

Pua and Moana Cake

A cake tutorial of Moana with a haku lei crown and Pua the pig. (via Missy Schwabe)

  • Skill level: Intermediate

Wild Wave Cake

Use strategic frosting decorating technique to create this huge wave that climbs up the side and above the cake. (via @tastymolds)

Ombre Cake

An elegant cake with a delicate sugar wave and baby Moana topper that would be excellent for a baby shower and even wedding. (via @sugar_and_crumbs)

Moana Cake Toppers

Here are some ideas to top off your Moana birthday cake creation.


Hei Hei the chicken (via Cake Duchess)

Pua the pig (via Sweet Sugar Craft)


Try this ready-made set of cupcake toppers, or you can also check out our Moana party decorations for free printable ones too.

Figurines and Toys

The easiest way to decorate your cake.

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Whether you’re looking for an easy Moana cake, these Moana cake ideas are sure to blow your guests away.